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Colin Berg

Contact directly for bookings:

347 - 853 - 3579

Colin Berg

A photographer first, I never imagined that food would become a primary subject for me. My collaboration with Michelle Berg, my wife and partner on Bell & Basket, has led me to the place I find myself today, with a focus on food and beverage image making. I have been over the years a landscape photographer, inspired as a teenager by Ansel Adams when I first saw large scale prints of his on exhibit in a Seattle museum - the tack sharp ethereal and nearly grainless enlargements were stunning to me as a 14 year old who knew nothing about the technical process of photography. Picking up my mom's Nikon FE2, I walked around my small town taking pictures of leaves, manhole covers, and frogs. I became obsessed with photography, setting up a home darkroom and devouring issues of Popular Photography, Shutterbug, American Photo and any other more obscure titles I could get my hands on. I was simultaneously inspired by the likes of Sebastião Salgado, and entranced by the grainy black and white images in his monograph Otras Americas. I got turned onto the mythical leica toting Henri Cartier-Bresson's photography by my uncle, who had a Canon P, with some leica lenses. On it went, a continuous thread through my life, at turns it was landscape, street photography, environmental portraits - it has always been photography for me. These days food in all its stages and forms has become my passion. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.